Automatic Sliding Doors Systems

Automatic Sliding Doors Systems

Unlimited Options and Solutions

Doormatic automatic sliding doors provides entrance solutions for practically any application, However industrial, commercial, healthcare, and retail use.

We also perform repairs and maintenance on all brands of automated doors. You will find our automatic sliding doors through out great cairo in a wide variety of locations, including; Hospitals, Airports, Retail centers, Pharmacies, Hotels, Grocery stores, Hardware stores, Sporting goods stores and more.

High Performance Capability, Security and Convenience

The automatic door systems from Doormatic open up an almost unlimited range of door design options. Daily, Thousand of people enjoy their natural convenience. The most modern of innovative drives in which high performance capability, security, convenience and design are a priority and go towards ensuring that the automatic door solutions from Doormatic are both the focus and the eye catcher of every entrance.

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